I have been part of Kenwood for 12 years since Patrick and I moved our family to Cincinnati. During that time, I have taught several different age groups. I’m currently teaching 3rd/4th grade Sunday School, and I have also taught 5th/6th, Bridges of Faith, periodically in the Homebuilders class and helped start and initially taught the Families with Children class. Since January 2011, I have cooked dinner for our Wednesday night gatherings, as well as meals for other events. I served a term on the Missions Committee and on the search team that called Lou Cha as Pastor of Children and Families. I was able to participate in two short-term mission trips with our church — one to Monterrey, Mexico, and one to Chiang Rai, Thailand. Beyond the actual jobs that I have done, though, I consider my real involvement to be in relationship with other people in the church, spending time with them, knowing them, praying for them, helping them, and being helped by them. I have grown because of my connections with people at Kenwood, and I hope that I have helped others to grow, as well.